I'm home now. The doctor and nurses seemed willing to let me stay at the hospital for as long as I wanted, which I found rather odd, but apparently they didn't have very many patients today so they were not anxious for me to leave. I've never had that experience before; usually, I feel rushed out of the hospital.

But as I sat there uncomfortable in the bed hooked up to all kinds of machines, I thought I know I'd get more rest at home tonight, and I'll be able to pee alone, which is a luxury I happen to enjoy. So here I am sitting not so comfortably in my own bed, dozing in and out because of the pain medication, and I just felt the need to update all my friends and family around the country. The pain is not likely to go away soon because "baby brudder" (as the girls call him) continues to flip flop in my belly and kick my sides. He obviously didn't get the memo about my rib. ;) I don't know how I will manage all that needs to be done in coming weeks, especially labor, but my brother kindly gave up a trip to see my parents so they could come help me. It is probably the best gift anyone could've given me in my situation because I left the hospital with specific instructions to a) rest, b) sleep and c) not carry any children. So Matt, thank you from the bottom of my heart and my ribs. ;)

Wish us luck.

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