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One hundred years ago we spent three wonderful nights in Philadelphia. Tim and I had been wanting to go somewhere for a few days before the baby, and my dad was willing to come watch the girls so we started looking at cheap cities we could visit. When we realized we could get 2 round trip tickets to Philadelphia for $22, we looked at each other a little puzzled because we had never thought about visiting Pennsylvania, but we decided to just go for it. We didn't know a thing about the city before the trip, but we figured we would at least enjoy lots of delicious food. Once we arrived, we realized how much the city had to offer--history, culture, food, art, etc. We managed to walk nearly everywhere we needed to go (one day we walked over 12 miles), and we found the people very welcoming and helpful whenever we had questions. We tried to eat at places off the beaten path, and we were not disappointed.

Here is a list of things to eat and do when visiting Philadelphia, and trust me--you need to visit this city:
To eat: 
Green Eggs Cafe (I had the red velvet pancakes, which were the size of my head, and Tim had the short rib benedict. I've never been a huge fan of savory breakfasts, but I wish I could've gotten an iv with that short rib meat streaming into my stomach. Soon good.)
Dinic's Roast Pork (We split a roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe. I regret not getting my own sandwich.)
Jim's Steaks (I personally preferred the roast pork sandwich, but this sandwich was really good. I opted for provolone cheese and kept kicking myself for not getting the original sandwich with cheese whiz. When you go, just get the whiz. It's so good.)
Villa di Roma (We walked through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods to find this place, and it did not disappoint. You could tell people that worked there loved their jobs. Many of them were related to the owner, and they had worked there forever. When ordering, you should know their fried asparagus was bathed in this sauce that I cannot quite describe. Just get it. You'll thank me. Their meatballs were also really delicious. We went there because we had read so much about them.)
Boiler's Donuts (You know me. You know how much I love donuts. These donuts were some of the best donuts I have ever eaten. I would highly recommend the blueberry fritter, peanut butter cream donut, dutchman, banana cream and oreo cream donuts. We may or may not have visited the counter multiple times throughout the trip.)
The Franklin Fountain (I had read about their rooter floats, and knowing how much Tim loves rooter, I knew we had to find this place. The root beer was amazing. It was different than any other kind we had tried. I opted for an oreo milkshake and at the last minute asked if they could also add a scoop of salted caramel. It was the best ice cream shake I have ever had. I haven't really had any desire to eat ice cream since we came back because I know I'll be disappointed.)
Peking Duck (This place didn't look like much on the outside, but both Tim and I agree that it was the best Chinese food we have ever eaten. Go there. Just do it. 

To do:
Philadelphia Museum of Art (We visited the museum on a Wednesday night after learning that the museum is open late on Wednesdays and is donation only, which meant we could save $30-$40. We discovered two artists that we loved and that were new to us: Thomas Eakins and Anton Mauve. I'm still hunting for prints from both artists. So if you go, go on a Wednesday.)
Rodin Museum (This is the second largest Rodin museum in the world, second only to Paris. It is small, but it is worth a visit. They have a room with books where Tim and I just sat and read for awhile. It was so peaceful. We were the only ones there for most of our visit, and I did not mind at all.)
The Liberty Bell (I learned so much about the Liberty Bell and the value of its symbol throughout history while visiting this free exhibit. The bell is beautiful and is a must see.)
Constitution Center (I wasn't really interested in this museum, but Tim convinced me it would be worth a visit so we took a leap and went on one windy morning. It ended up being very informational, and I was moved by so many of the exhibits. I wouldn't hesitate to go back.)
Reading Terminal (I loved Milwaukee's and Seattle's Public Market, but this one was soooo much better. Unlike the public market in Seattle, this market has fewer flower and gift shops and is mostly filled to the brim with food options. I already mentioned the donuts, but you should also get a pretzel and some chocolates there as well.)

Anyway this is the best guide I can offer after spending 3 days there, but I have to say it again, I absolutely loved this city. I'd go back in a second. 

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