A name and a blessing

On July 10, 2016, Tim gave Timmy a name and a blessing at church. In the blessing, Tim blessed him to be a rock of faith to his family and friends, learn respect for women, and come to know his Heavenly Father and his Savior personally. He also told him what a joy he has been to his parents and his sisters and urged him to be a light like his mother--this particular blessing made my eyes pool with tears. People used to tell me I had the ability to light up a room, but I have often felt that talent has long since faded due to stress and a chaotic life so it was nice to hear that Tim still believes I can light up a room.

His blessing was very special to me. Each milestone, big or small, makes my heart ache because I know he is my last, and each experience with him will not be repeated. I am trying to soak up his little life as much as I can because I know it is passing very quickly. I love my baby boy. I kiss his round cheeks more than I can count. I thank my Heavenly Father for knowing I needed him in my life because I really was content with my girls, but He knew I needed this boy to help me grow in love. He teaches me more about love each day.

(And a special thanks to Lee and Veronica, the Doots, the Camachos, the Courtrights, and Chris Rogers for joining us for the blessing. Your love was felt!)

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  1. Oh how I love blessing days. You had amazing support! That is so lovely, it was hard for me not to have anyone come to Teddy's at all. He is ADORABLE.


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