To be loved so much

Timothy James-7 months

How is he 7 months old already?! I remember when I hit 7 months of pregnancy, and it felt like it had been a century of waiting to meet him. But now his first 7 months have just blown by in the blink of an eye, and my heart doesn't really know how to cope with my ever-growing baby.

I could not have imagined loving a baby boy so much. I had so much fear about raising a boy, but having Timmy is the most natural thing in the world. Tim and I tell each other all the time how complete he makes our lives feel. He is a huge ray of sunshine in our lives, especially my life. I am not sure if any of my babies have loved me the way he loves me. It's as if his eyes sparkle when he sees me, and it is so good for my soul. Tim will often get him at night when he cries and we're still awake, and he'll try to hide him from me so that I can continue working, but Timmy will not be fooled. He knows I am around and he stubbornly shifts around and around until he lays his eyes on me. And when he does, the pinkie falls from his mouth and a big, gummy smile flashes my way. If Tim doesn't instantly give him to me, his smile quickly turns to a panicked cry, and he reaches for me to hold him. This is our usually routine every single night. 

Timmy is a necessary piece of our family puzzle. Each girl in our home holds a special place for him next to them, and he fits perfectly with each piece. I can't imagine life without him now and am grateful that God knew I needed a boy because I sure didn't think I did. 

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