I woke up this morning with a pit in my stomach, realizing Mya only has 9 more years at home. We've made it half way through our time together, and I can't help but wonder if I've done enough. There's still so much I need to teach her about life, love and faith. We continue to approach new and difficult topics with each passing year--most recently discussing slavery, feminism, racism, and divine nature. I try to present things to her in such a way that she can form her own opinions and thoughts while still considering the facts and the things we still don't know or understand. Her young wisdom astounds me; her faith does too. 

While discussing the recent Vegas attack, she asked me why some people are so bad. It's a natural question. It's something I've wondered too. We talked for a bit about our thoughts, and she concluded, "Mom, I just think there are more good people than bad people so I am not going to be afraid." She has deep faith in others, most importantly her family and friends, and it helps me remember my important role as a mother and guardian. 

What else can I say about this beautiful child of mine? 

She brushes her hair several times a day and will not be seen without having her hair coiffed first. 
She is incredibly smart. 
She prefers pretend play to watching television or computer games. 
She hates to be in front of people but secretly craves it. 
She takes awhile to loosen up. 
She rolls her eyes a lot. 
She holds my hand on the way to school and always tells me she loves me before she shuts the door.
She is a fish; she belongs in the water. 
She is her sisters' favorite playmate.
She has the most amazing imagination.
She loves to make eggs by herself. 
She is a thrill seeker and rides all the roller coasters she can find. 
She has the best laugh. 
She loves to read and remains my best reader. 
She is a really good artist when she's patient. 
She appreciates my taste in music and art (except country). 
She is incredibly strong. She has always had amazing abs. 
She can be lazy during soccer, and I want to go crazy, but then she turns it on and is so good. 
She wants a pen pal.
She likes to experiment with makeup, and she especially likes creating a "cat" eye.
She wants to speak Spanish. 
She is patient with Genevieve each day they walk home from school. (V is very slow.)
She is feisty. 
She is kind. 
She says the most thoughtful prayers. 
She recently started bearing her testimony at church and forces me to do the same in the process. 
She is my first creation, and I love her. 

Happy birthday baby girl. I love you so much.

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