Today was a hard day--one that began wrong, continued wrong and now feels like it's ending wrong. No matter how I deep I breathe, I can't seem to shake the funk I feel.

I'm going to blame it on Kroger for not having any actual checkout lanes available this morning, thus forcing me to scan my very full cart one by one at the self checkout while listening to the robot repeat a thousand times, "Please put your item in the bag." Fifteen minutes into checking out (yes you read that right...15 minutes took me 25 minutes to finish), I wanted to bang my head through the computer screen. I think the Kroger man is now afraid of me; he should be. I mean business when I'm grocery shopping.

And I'll blame it on Elle's constant tantrums. Tim and I are convinced that she would be so much happier if she would just sleep, but the child REFUSES to sleep. We even tried tricking her this weekend by moving the clock behind so we could get an extra few minutes in bed. It worked one day, but not the others. She comes in before 6am every morning, and we are at our wits end by 4pm.

And I'll blame it on the fighting. Gosh. The fighting. I foolishly thought that perhaps my kids were just those kids who wouldn't really fight. Sure they'd have their normal squabble about this or that, but fighting seemed like too much for them. Nope. They have fallen in this terrible cycle of crying, tattling, fighting, whining, crying some more, and then sometimes there is even physical altercations, and I'm like, "What the hell man?!! Why are you pushing each other?" And yes, I say it just like that because I'm usually so worn down by the time pushing or hitting becomes an issue that words just start spilling out of my mouth.

Oh today. I don't like you. I may like you a smidgen better since Tim made me a mint oreo shake to take my woes away, but nope, I really still disdain you. Praying tomorrow will be better. It has to be!


  1. Hmmm...sounds strangely similar to my day...minus the grocery shopping, which sounds miserable! I am quite certain Marshall and Rachel are going to be the death of me-those two are like oil and vinegar! I’m praying once Halloween is over everyone will settle down a bit! Good luck to you!

  2. Nooo!!! They learned it from my kids!


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