Meet Maize Oliver
 Born: May 25, 2018 
Breed: F1B Goldendoodle (apricot)

Tim and I have been considering a second dog for over a year now, but we just haven't felt it was the right time to pull the trigger...until now. We knew we needed another doodle because neither of us does well with dog hair, so we started looking at our options. Once we saw a picture of this little guy we knew he was the one for our family, and we surprised the kids this morning with a trip to the farm to pick him up. 

Because we already have a Blue, it seemed appropriate to have a Maize (like the corn...not Maizy). I am more than a little nervous to enter the puppy stage again, but I'm hoping for a different experience since I don't have a baby crawling on the floor or swimming in my belly. We hope he will keep Blue young as he gets older, and we can't wait to see how he fits into the family. It's really funny because whenever the kids are asked how many people are in their family, they ALWAYS say 8...because Blue is basically a person, and he's an avid member of the family. I am certain Maize will ease his way in very quickly, and we are all very happy to be a family of 9 now. 9! That's just crazy. 

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