When we buy a house...

After renting for so long, I really know some things I want and don't want when we actually buy a house. Seeing as that could be awhile...I can only dream.

My house:
-will not have green carpet
-will not have linoleum flooring
-will not have lame appliances (I cannot stand our dishwasher. It does not clean. I will not stand for it in my own house.)
-will not have an ugly fence surrounding it
-will not have stinky pipes
-will have a garage
-will have a sprinkler system
-will have painted walls
-will have an open living room and kitchen
-will have lots of cupboard space
-will have outlets that work (can't wait for the day to actually blow dry my hair in an actual bathroom)
-will have a bathtub that can hold water without automatically draining
-will have a good water heater (I loathe/cringe at the thought of cold showers)
-will have a working air conditioner
-will have a fireplace and mantle (I would prefer a fireplace that can actually have fires)
-will have lots of windows/sunlight
-will have windows that open
-will have stairs
-will have nice, shag carpet

I am just fed up with dumb things that we deal with as renters. We tell our owner our dishwasher doesn't wash. She tells us to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Hmmm? We already rinse them clean. Why do a double wash? We tell our owner things don't work. She tells us to fix them. Hmmm? Why didn't they fix it when the problem started long ago? I am just done with it all today. It might be because I spent two hours rewashing dishes, but I feel my frustrations are valid.


  1. Completely annoying. Your landlord is an idiot. That's their responsibility to fix what needs to be fixed. NOT yours. Agggghhh! It's maddening isn't it?

  2. We own a house and I wish that our dishwasher would work.


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