Doot Cousins

We had a lot of fun visiting with all the Doot cousins. Mya sure does love when other kids come to long as they keep their paws off her toys. She has yet to WANT to share. She knows how and knows she should but doesn't want to. So we patiently talk to her each time people come over. are some pics of the kids playing together at the park and at our house. Thanks Sarah, Dave, Chris, Joan, Theo and Nory for making the trek down to Provo. We loved having you.

Chris Dave
Christopher and Mya
We tried to get the kids all together to take a picture. I think the first one is the best one we got. The second one shows all the kids personalities.
Nory:Cuddly Chris: Happy Theo:Goofy Mya:Indifferent
Saying goodbye...I just love how kids hug. They do it because they want to...most of the time. The following picture is of Nory, Chris and Theo.
Mya wanted to get in on the action.
I just had to post this one. Look at Chris Dave's So funny.


  1. My memories of hanging with my cousins are THE BEST of my childhood.

    Love these pics :)

  2. LOVE the pictures! It was so fun to see you guys!

  3. Those pics are priceless! They are all so fun! Haha! I love the last one where Chris looks like he's suffocating. Cute cute! Miss you!

  4. Thanks for posting these. It was fun to see you guys. Sorry, I didn't catch you one more time. Things got a little crazy. You guys are great!!!

  5. That second picture of all the kids is the best! I love pictures like that. They're so much more real and more memorable! Kade shares pretty well, we're just trying to get him not to shove other kids.


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