Celebrating independence

We celebrated the 4th for three days this weekend. Having the 4th of July in Utah is a bit different because most people celebrate the holiday on Saturday or Monday. Or both. Sunday is left to still be a day of rest so most people played Sunday really low key. On Saturday, we went up to Sugar House to watch the fireworks with our good friend Taylor. Some of Tim's old clan met up with us at the park. We put Mya to sleep at Taylor's parents' house so we could enjoy the show without a grumpy, screaming baby. The show was spectacular this year. Better than past years by far. And of course, the crazies around us watching the show make the event extra special each year with all their screaming.

On Sunday, I attempted to get some pictures of us in our red, white and blue. Mya scowled in every picture. I picked the best ones because really...who wants to see a scowling baby.

This was Mya last year...see how happy she was to see the camera. So cute.
This was Mya this year. What a little stinker. She wouldn't look at me even if I begged. And I did.


  1. Oh my goodness. Her eyebrows kill me. She's so cute!

  2. HAHAHA LOL That's hilarious! I love it! She's still really cute, even when she's scowling! haha


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