blah...blah...blah. That is how I have felt lately. I am sorry for my fellow readers and Mya-admirers, but I have purposefully neglected my blog. I haven't had any desire to write anything. Probably because I have had nothing to say. I am feeling very indifferent and disinterested to most things right now. Sad. I know. So I just avoid this thing (the blog) like the plague knowing it will force me to say something.

The few prompting emails and phone calls about what is going on have provoked me here today. No I didn't die. I am alive. Sort of. My brain feels half dead. Last weekend we visited my sister on a whim. She lives in California and on Wednesday of last week, we decided to leave Thursday to visit her and Hayden. We haven't seen them in almost a year. And I love Hayden. I know he isn't my son...but man, I have a lot of love for that kid. And I know he feels the exact same way about Mya. She isn't his sister, but she ought to be by the way he treats her. He just hugged her and poked her all weekend. Just like an older brother would do. They played well together. Thankfully. And we just had a nice visit with my sister. I am posting some of the pictures from the trip. Mya went on her first train ride. Not a big fan. I think that was a major blow to Hayden since he loves trains. I think Mya was scared of the sound. But she loved the bears in the zoo. Duh. The final picture of Mya and Tim is right outside the bear cage. Don't you just love her excitement? Wish I had that about life right now. Thanks for everything Mannie and Hayden.

Don't think I am depressed or down. I am neither. I am just eeh. I have no desire to clean my house. I have no desire to start any new projects. I just want to sleep and veg out. Luckily, my best friend is coming tomorrow to kick my butt into gear. I told her about my house, and she said she would be right down to help with the cleaning. I think I just heard the angels sing. She is amazing. I will try to post again soon. Can't promise anything.

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  1. Love the striped shirt friend. And you look gorgeous. Just sayin'!


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