Remember when...

Do you remember when a birthday cake was not a real birthday cake without candles? Or a birthday party was required to celebrate the day? Or presents were a MUST or you would pout all day? Do you remember when birthdays were exciting?

I can. However, I stepped into my 27th year without any candles or guests or presents. I didn't want any. So of course, Tim honored my wishes and we had a quiet evening at home. We ate dinner with Kevin and his girlfriend and once they left, we both ate a big slice of the only thing I asked for: ice cream cake. We didn't take a single picture to document the event. Perhaps I can take a picture of what is left of the ice cream cake so you can salivate in envy.

So here's to being 27. 26 was a decent year. Nothing really happened to ooh and awe about, but I had a good time with Tim and Mya. Mya is growing up daily. She is a little lady. My favorite thing she is saying now is, "Hi hoonnney." Or "What happened hoonnney?" Or "Why hoonney?" She exaggerates the "n" and I just love it.


  1. Good grief. I can't believe I missed it AGAIN! How self-absorbed am I. I'm glad you were able to have a nice, quiet day. Sometimes those are the best. Happy Birthday Janine. I love you to death.

  2. Happy Birthday Janine!
    Sounds like you had a peaceful day ;)

  3. Haha does this mean she's moved on from "no no Mya!"

    Glad you had a lovely birthday :)


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