an arizona wedding.

See this man...
This is my dashing brother and the best looking man of honor I have ever seen. I flew to Arizona this last weekend to celebrate his best friend's wedding with him. I am so glad I went. Although I felt utterly guilty inside for leaving Tim with Mya all weekend, the weekend was full of fun and emotions. I always forget how much I love weddings. They make me want to go back to that day for just a moment when all you see is that one person. The one that makes your eyes twinkle. The one that can make you smile after a bad day at work. The one that reminds you that this is why life is worth it. I am not saying that I still don't have that moment with Tim. As noted in my previous post, I just had one of those moments last week. And I have them frequently. However, distractions come after the wedding day. They keep coming and so sometimes it is hard to smile at the one you promised your life to. Especially when your child is hitting you in the face. Or you find a dirty diaper laying on the ground and who knows how long it has been there. Those days make it a little more difficult. But weddings always bring me back to Tim. I wanted him to be with me so badly that night. I felt oddly romantic and yet was alone with no one to share it with.

The wedding itself was great. Brittany and Kirk are a special couple. They just make people want to be better. She looked beautiful in her strapless gown and he looked as handsome as I have ever seen him. My pictures don't do the ceremony justice, but I tried. It was super bright out so it was hard to capture the right lighting. I edited the daytime pics because they just seemed too bright.

I love the following pictures of the people who made my weekend amazing. No editing was done. I only used my manual settings and while I still have so much to learn about low light settings, I think they turned out great. Enjoy.

Matt and my parents
Matt and I
An unbreakable friendship: Brittany and Matt
Almost siblings

The whole gang
Mama Kath and Britt

Their first dance
So as you can see...I struggled taking manual shots with action photos. They were obviously moving and I just couldn't capture the moment quite right. Oh well, it is close enough. Congrats Kirk and Brittany.

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  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing. Brit looked beautiful. And Matt looked so very dashing!


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