my little pumpkin

My little pumpkin is ready for Halloween. Stay tuned for her outfit. Since we didn't carve last year's pumpkin, we decided to have some fun this year. We carved and gutted this pumpkin for one family night. Mya and I chose the pumpkin, Tim used all his muscles to cut through the top and make the design and Miss Mya picked out the spooky design. Can you see her personality already? Okay, she saw a dog and said, "Doggy, arf...arf." That's the real story behind the picture. Sadly, we carved the pumpkin a little too early that the cold weather already molded the poor thing. We threw it out on Sunday. No more festive house. However, I will be passing out candy.

The carving process: Mya liked watching but screamed and frowned the moment you asked her to touch the innards. Such a girl.

I can't remember what I did to get this face. There's always something. It's a classic Mya face. We have way too many hormones running around this house. Poor Tim.
Someone brought over brightly colored cupcakes. At first I thought they brought them because they liked us; however, I quickly decided after taking this photo and trying to rub the blue dye from Mya's face that my original thought probably wasn't true. Nasty trick. Her teeth were blue for hours.
The following pictures are some random ones from the month. Mya received this bear rug for her birthday from the Gallaghers. When we pulled it out of the bag, Tim yelled, "It's huge." She has called it affectionately "Huge" ever since. We love "huge."
I was cleaning the office one Saturday morning when I decided to stop for a second and take a break. This is what I found. Mya and Tim watching "Up." I just loved the fact that Mya was sitting on top of Tim. So cute.


  1. I love how kids comprehend things. Say "hi" to Huge for me. We had to throw our pumpkin out, too. Sooo sad.

  2. Huge! I love this story. It's so rootin' tootin' cute. These are the good old days. Right here and now. They are the good old days!


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