Happy Birthday Mya

How old are you Mya? I'm TWO.

She has always loved the number two and loves the fact that she is finally two. Today was a long, long day. A good day. But a 12 hour birthday celebration. We started the day off at the Hogle Zoo with Auntie Eileen and Aunt Anna. Mya loved the monkeys, giraffes and tigers. She even got a soft tiger from Eileen. After the zoo, we went to lunch and then headed to Taylor's house. We were all in need of nap. Sadly, Mya was the only one who got one. The rest of us sat around and watched football. We ate cupcakes and went to Build-A-Bear with Taylor after Mya woke up. Build-A-Bear was a bust. Mya screamed almost the entire time we were in the store. All she wanted was a white bear, but since we already have several white bears, Tim and I logically thought it would be best to branch out. WRONG. Freak out number 1. After calming down and convincing her the monkey was just as cute, we took the monkey to the stuffing machine. The noise...well, like I said in a previous post...Mya does not like loud noises. Freak out number 2. Tim escorted Mya away from the stuffing machine. I get the monkey and show it to her. Freak out number 3. Awesome. Love my life. She really wanted a bear. Ughhh. We left with the monkey in a Halloween bag, which we specifically called a purse so she would like it, and walked the mall. Several freak out sessions followed. See...bust. Bummer. We left the mall and said goodbye to Taylor only to head to Ikea. We bought Mya a bed several months ago, but the store kept telling us it was on back order. We finally just canceled the order and decided to go to Ikea for a new bed. We found one, tied it to the car, drove quickly home, and decorated the cake. Kevin joined us after the BYU game and we all sang to Mya yet again and tried to eat cake again. Mya didn't really want it. I couldn't fathom eating another bite. Luckily, Tim and Kev ate some since I woke up early this morning to make it. We will eat it tomorrow.

And that is it. 12 hours later...we are done.

The first two pictures really capture the essence of Mya's face when she received packages in the mail. More pictures of those gifts to come. She loved Grama and Pop-Pop's baby set and the bear rug she received from the Gallagher side of the family. Thanks everyone. Her birthday would really stink without you since I only bought her one pack of crayons and a thing of stickers. Oh, and I guess you can count the monkey she made today even though she will probably never touch it. Bummer.

October 9, 2010: The Zoo

My favorite smile

Taylor's house: She loves "ponies"

My makeshift bear cake...decorations done by Tim

No real interest in her birthday at this point
Probably her favorite gift: Kevin. Can you say crush? She gets so embarrassed when he comes over. Silly girl.


  1. First and foremost, Mya, Happy Birthday love. I get it-you like what you like, when you like it. It's your Birthday, your rules. When you get older you can come and visit Auntie Ashley, and we'll do whatever you want to. I promise.

    Secondly, Janine....I am in love with your long hair! It looks fantastic. You look totally gorgeous in all of these pictures.



  2. My little nugget is getting so big! Sorry we didn't get to chat last night, hope yesterday was fun!

    Love you and I'll call you tonight!

  3. Cute cake! I know this is a few days late but I was thinking of you, Mya, and hope that you had a great birthday. Mya is lucky to have you and Tim as parents.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mya! She sounds a lot like Kaili with her passions and spontaneous meltdowns! Been thinking about you lately so decided to catch up on your blog. Congrats on your pregnancy and overcoming rough times. Let me know if you want to get together sometime!


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