Happy How-ween

Mya pronounces Halloween, "How-ween." Since we live in Utah, everyone celebrated Halloween today instead of tomorrow--October 31st. We dressed Mya in her giraffe outfit, applied makeup to her nose and cheeks and headed out to brave the storm that was brewing in the clouds. It rained most of the early evening. We took Mya around to as many houses as we could before the rain got worse. We also took her to the mall. I don't think we will do that again. It took way too long to wait in line just to receive a lame piece of candy. But hey, at least we were warm. Right? She LOVED Halloween. At first, she didn't understand why people were just giving out candy by the handfuls, but she didn't ask questions and quickly remembered just to say, "Trick or Treat." Most of the time she had candy in her mouth so gibberish was all people could hear. At least she was a cute giraffe.

Umm...I just love this face. She kept sneaking candy all night.
The first door we knocked...see her checking out the candy. What did she grab? Whoppers. The worst candy ever. Next to smarties. Lame.


  1. Great costume Mya. Auntie Ash totally digs it. And Janine, you're right. Smarties are the worst!

  2. Cute giraffe. I love the added freckles. I like whoppers. Good job, Mya. You just can't eat too many. I too, do not like smarties but they are the least messy candy to give to Norah.

  3. Ahh! She is just soooo cute! I LOVE the giraffe! It's different! And I Love that she chose whoppers lol! They really aren't that good haha but if she likes em, then it works!

  4. I know, kids never know the 'good' candies to choose. at one house they got 2 regular sized candy bars (wow) and CHristopher chose airheads. bummer. Michael (ahem, I helped) chose the good stuff.


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