secret love.

I love Zumba. I don't think I am quite to the point where I will tattoo the Zumba symbol on my shoulder like some of the girls in my class. Nor will I be purchasing the ridiculously expensive clothes that Zumba-freaks can't get enough of. But I will continue to attend my Monday and Thursday night classes. I don't know if it is the music. Or the dancing. Or the friends I've silently made in class. Or my teacher. I don't know what it is about Zumba, but I really love it. It's just too bad that I just barely found it earlier this year. I will admit to being a terrible dancer. Just ask Tim or anyone else who knows me. I can't find the rhythm to save my life. But I just move my little feet and bend my knees and bounce as much as I can to stay with the rest of the class. I avoid any hand motions because I can't do two things at once and I would much rather get a workout in my legs than my arms. But here's an invitation to anyone in Provo--you should come with me to Zumba. Allow yourself to let go and feel foolish for a minute. I promise you'll only feel silly for a minute and then you'll look around and realize no one is interested in you. They are only interested in themselves and the music. I think my favorite thing to watch from my little spot is how many girls check themselves out in the mirror. I avoid looking in the mirrors because I think if I saw myself I would want to stop and go back to what I am good at--running. But no, I will not look. I will just enjoy the music and the dancing.

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  1. Zumba! I need to check this out. They offer it at a dance studio near me. I'm glad you found an awesome class to have fun with!


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