Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving with the Doots this year. Pop-Pop and Grama Doot were nice enough to come to Utah for the week of Thanksgiving and we had a grand time playing in Park City and Provo. They stayed in Park City and invited us up for a couple of nights. Mya loved the fact that she could swim in winter. She loves swimming. Sadly, she didn't really find her love for it until the end of summer so visiting them in Park City allowed her to go swimming once more.
Mya loved being with Pop-Pop and Grama.

I only included this picture because I love her outfit. Swimming suit, boots, sweatshirt. Classy.

Thanksgiving 2010
Everyone helped in the preparation for turkey day. We enjoyed the day in Provo. I found that the best way to prepare for Thanksgiving is to make almost everything the day before. Since we don't have a working dishwasher, this helped me so I could have most of the dishes out of the way before the big day. We made all of the normal courses and took great care to make sure they were totally delicious. Of course, no ounce of butter was spared in preparation for Thanksgiving. The following pictures are of some of the food and preparation. I just wanted to post them to make you jealous.

Don't you wish you ate at our house this year?

And just like last year, we made Oreo turkeys. Mya loved eating the Oreos and Reeses. Such an easy and fun thing to do.

Some family pictures before Pop-Pop and Grama went home

Tim and Cathy...thank you for coming and helping us with Thanksgiving and Mya. I hope you realize that she will miss you for days/weeks to come. We love you guys.


  1. Thank you for everything, what a great family. We had so much fun, we love you and miss you too!

  2. how did you keep from eating that delicious looking food the day that you made it!?!


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