The price of a small car...

In Tim's family, there has always been a joke about things being about the same price as a small car. For example, how much is it to purchase a timeshare? About the same price as a small car. Or how much is it to travel in Argentina for a week? About the same price as a small car. Etc. You get me? We laugh about it all the time because whenever we don't know the price for something, that phrase is always first out of our mouth. Last night, Tim and I were talking about this dang baby who insists on keeping me awake at night and we were talking about how much we have already paid in medical bills to have her. I don't want to complain because quite frankly I begged and begged Tim to have a baby and although it didn't really fit into our supposed "plans," he agreed. And now we are going to have her. And we are getting very excited. But she is very expensive. She is literally the price of a small car. We have already paid about $3700 to have her plus my monthly health insurance premium and our monthly payment to Aflac's maternity plan. So we have roughly paid about $3950 in insurance and $3700 in medical bills. I know, gasp. And we still keep paying until my insurance kicks in after $7500. Luckily, we will be paid back by Aflac and we have tried to scrimp and save in every way we can so that the future expenses don't kill us all at once. But let me tell you, this baby had better smile at me for about a week before crying.

Babies are expensive. Especially in Utah where unless you are on a good health insurance plan from work, you can't buy maternity insurance. No one offers it. I am on the best plan I could find, and the company doesn't help until after $7500. So we are about halfway there. I often get asked, especially lately, why I am working so much or why I am still working. Well, you can see why. Someone has to pay the bills. Tim is doing the very best he can while he is finishing his last semester. He even works on Saturdays when Mya is sleeping to slip in a few extra hours. We are both exhausted by work and school, but we feel grateful for our jobs and for our situation. We have learned to save and cut corners and be independent. Right now, we are grateful for our tax return which will help us when we need to move after graduation. Tim has been interviewing and we know a move is in our future, so we are trying to prepare now rather than regret later.

I can't tell you how much I value being smart with money. Tim has taught me everything I know. I am often too frugal that I won't get myself something even if I need it. Tim has to convince me to buy things for myself. That was never like me. Never. I couldn't walk by a shoe store without stopping inside and naturally I couldn't leave the store without purchasing a pair. The evidence is still noted in our downstairs closet where my shoes reside. Secretly, I crave more shoes. I just love shoes. But I know now how far a dollar or an hour of work goes and I just can't justify certain habits. At least not right now.

Hopefully she'll come soon. I need to sleep and I truly believe I will sleep more once she comes. I know you probably don't think so, but I will take sleep in 3-hour intervals over 6 hours of pure insomnia each night.


  1. good luck these final days/weeks! hang in there! can't wait to hear about baby girls arrival! and yes it stinks babies have to be so dang expensive...oh well, a small price to pay for eternal happiness with them i suppose!

  2. good job! and I hope she comes soon for your sake!


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