Almost ready

About a month ago, a friend in my ward told me she wanted to throw me a baby shower. I told her no because why would anyone want to come to a shower for me since I am having another girl. She just shook her head and said, "Janine, every baby needs a celebration." I finally agreed to let her hold a small shower as long as the invitation read, "Necessities only." She invited a few ladies from the ward, and we had a great time. There are so many pregnant women in our ward. I think the number was somewhere around 16 that were due between October and March. And most of the babies are girls. I received a plethora of wipes and diapers (which I am insanely grateful for). Tim and I did buy the new baby a few outfits so she wouldn't always be seen in Mya's old spitup wear. But we just forgot how many diapers parents go through with newborns so we have been slowly collecting.

I really am getting excited for this baby. All the clothes and blankets have been washed. Our neighbor gave us her bassinet so I just have to wipe that down and get it ready. I still have to sanitize all the baby bottles since they have been in storage for over a year. So I am really close to being organized. I am not sure if I am as prepared mentally and emotionally, but that will come with time. I am grateful for all the helping hands I have already received and will receive. Although I have to go back to work rather quickly after having the baby, I know she will be in good hands. We have an amazing babysitter and so many great friends that have offered their time. I think Mya is beginning to understand what is going to happen. She is VERY attached to me lately which is strange since she has always leaned towards Tim. But I am loving her. I taught her how to put diapers on her bear. I doubt I will actually let her help me with the baby, but at least she can if I need her to.

And speaking of Mya, she is sick again...

Really? Do you know that she has been well for all of two weeks since winter began. I normally love the snow, but I am ready for summer. I am ready for her nose to dry up and for her eyes to stop watering. Just seeing her makes me sad. But it does mean she is extra cuddly.


  1. Janine,

    I want to hug your friend and tell her thank you. Because, she's right. Every baby deserves a celebration. And your little one is definitely someone to celebrate! I can't wait to meet her. I'm glad that you have all the necessities taken care of. Because dang it, those are costly!!! I remember clipping coupons and searching for the diaper deal for my little sister.

    I'm excited for that little one to arrive.



  2. Poor sick baby. :) You're blog looks AWESOME. I want to see you before I leave. Can that be arranged? I move Saturday.

  3. great new look to the blog! Can't wait for that baby.


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