i'm not a stinker...i'm a mya

Tonight as we were getting out of the car, I called Mya a stinker to which she replied, "I'm not a stinker...I'm a Mya." True enough. Although Mya is 60% stinker and 40% sweet, she always makes me smile. She says the silliest things and while they are not always politically correct, at least we have time to teach her. Here are a few things she has said lately: We were leaving Costco and she saw an Asian family and said, "Hey, there's Mulan." Ummm...not quite. She saw something funny at the mall and exclaimed, "Daddy, oh my goodness!" Tonight she couldn't believe how much cheese was hanging off the pepperoni she had just pulled off her pizza and turned to Tim and said, "Oh gosh daddy" as she put it on his plate. She walked up to a stranger at the play place in the mall and said, "Are you sad? Don't be sad. It be okay." I bet he is still scratching his head at that one. The poor guy was just looking down at his phone and Mya interpreted the situation as he was sad. So cute.

So as much as she really is a stinker a lot of the time as she throws her tantrums or fabricates wild ideas about someone hitting or hurting her just to get attention, she can be so sweet. I am glad I caught the picture of Mya and Genevieve sleeping next to each other. Both girls were screaming the other night and because Tim and I are utterly exhausted, we didn't have the energy to kick them out of our bed. They just took up the middle section which left both Tim and I about 8 inches on either side. Awesome. Love parenting at night.

Cathy's visit

We had a wonderful visit with Cathy. She stayed with us so she got to witness first hand the good, the bad and the ugly with Mya. She said it best one night when we called home to see how the girls were doing...she said, "Mya and I are friends right now, so things are great." That is how life is with Mya. You never know when she is going to want to kiss or hit you. It is always a guessing game. But Mya loved her "grama" and still asks where she is in the morning. They had so much fun reading books, taking walks, jumping on the bed and talking during the day. Both my girls were spoiled by her presence. We were all spoiled. I realized that this morning when I noticed the pile of dishes already collecting on the side of the sink. Cathy did so many little things while she was here that most of the time and I don't think I thanked her enough. Thanks again Cathy.

Mini Tim
Doesn't she look just like him in this picture?

A few pictures Tim took of her in Mya's newborn dress. It amazes me how different they are from eachother.

On a personal note, today I literally looked in the mirror and felt like I had aged ten years in three weeks. While I am still putting makeup on and doing my hair most days of the week, one cannot overlook the dark circles around my eyes. I am exhausted. I am a little grumpy. Mostly because I don't sleep very well and no longer have the chance to nap during the day. And well, I feel like a frump because all I want to wear are sweats and oversized t-shirts. Ugh. But even though I look burned out, I really love my time at home. I love both my girls and their little personalities.

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