change after change...

In four years and 1 semester at BYU, Tim and I have experienced the following changes and events:
  • Began officially dating
  • Got engaged
  • Got hitched
  • Had two baby girls
  • Met our best friends for life
  • Made other great friends
  • Had five jobs between the two of us not including managing the apartment complexes
  • Managed three apartment complexes
  • Received three scholarships between the two of us
  • Lived in three different places
  • Had three different cars
  • Found several new walking paths
  • Gained and lost weight several times due to good food and/or pregnancies
  • Held six different church callings (positions)
  • Traveled to Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, California, Nevada, Virginia, Texas, Colorado and Oregon
  • Written over 50 papers
  • Taken more than 50 tests
  • Eaten more than 50 doughnuts (don't scowl--it's over 4 1/2 years)
  • Discovered delicious food in Utah
  • Had so many changes that I can't even remember all of them
The past four plus years have been so good to us. When Tim and I got married, we were barely scraping by with our two part-time ill paying jobs. We barely tapped the $1000/month mark. It was an interesting time for us, but we learned to do things that didn't require money. We grew together as we found fun things to do. Finding out we were pregnant with Mya in early January of 2008 changed our lives in every way. Although we worried about our finances, things began to happen for us. Doors and windows began to open. Tim found a better paying job at BYU which led him to his current job. I decided against doing an internship and put student teaching off a semester which allowed me to graduate in April and find the job I have today. We switched managing jobs a couple of times to boost our income and soon found we hated managing because people knock on your door at all hours of the day. The day we finished managing was the happiest day of 2010. Not even exaggerating. Finding out we were pregnant with V was a much different experience. We/I had been waiting to have another baby. She has been a great addition and blessing to our lives.

Utah/Provo/BYU has been good to us. Do we make fun of it? Yes. Daily. But I fell in love with Tim in Provo. We started our family here. We got our education here. We met our best friends here. I am grateful for this place.


  1. Congrats to Tim-- and all of you!

    J- I have to say you are looking so beautiful! I am loving the longer hair. It looks awesome!

    Thanks for keeping your blog updated.. it makes me feel like I'm closer. Congrats again.

  2. Congratulations both of you! Graduation is always such a happy day :) We loved being able to see you this past weekend. Genevieve is so beautiful and we're so happy she is part of the fam! Good luck with the move and we hope that we'll see you guys soon!


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