important people

I have been fortunate to have all four grandparents with me all my life. I have learned from them. Laughed with them. Grown in their presence. I love my grandparents. I feel it is important that kids know their grandparents--I know it isn't always possible but I hope my girls will be get to know both of our parents equally. Luckily we live in a day where if physical travel isn't always possible, Skype is. Our girls talk to both grandparents a couple times a month, and I know they will love their grandparents as they get older.

Genevieve met my parents and grandparents this weekend. I know my parents were anxiously waiting for this past weekend to come because they wanted to meet her and play with Mya. I thought Mya would be confused by having both Pop-pop and Papa in the same house, but she seemed to enjoy the attention. Well, most of the attention. She was about done with the weekend come 1:00 on Sunday. What can I say? My girl is just like me. We hit our limits quicker than most. Both girls received so many hugs and kisses. They should never feel not loved. Cathy (Tim's mom) said something to me the other day that I found very profound and true. She said, "Kids can't ever have enough love." I think that is true and not only for kids. Sometimes I think people believe others are in charge of loving this person or that person. I don't think so. I think we all have a responsibility when it comes to love.  And really, can anyone have too much love?


  1. mom looks beautiful! sad I miss the weekend.

  2. Genevieve is so cute! And it was so fun to see you for a minute at the graduation! Hopefully it will work to get together sometime when we're out in the midwest : )


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