an executive decision

We are making an executive decision...we will no longer be spelling Genevieve's nickname as Vie. It confuses people. We are just going to go with the original plan and spell using just the letter "V." You really can't confuse that. Well, I bet someone can. People still call Mya "Mia" even though the spelling of her name clearly makes you want to pronounce a "y" sound. I secretly scowl at people when they lazily call her "Mia" so to avoid scowling my whole life, I think I should make V's nickname easier for the world. So there...the decision has been made.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a quiet afternoon in our cozy little house. We napped and ate and played together until bedtime. Poor V is learning to deal with a loving but strong older sister. You can tell she doesn't know what to do when Mya is all up in her grill. So she cries and we rescue her. I don't think I should really scold Mya for showing so much affection because I don't want her to be afraid to hug her, but I am trying to get her to understand that she needs to be softer. She tells everyone who asks to see V to "be gentle" with her, but she doesn't quite understand what that means and fails to comply with her own commands. Luckily, V is resilient and only cries until we hold her close and remind her that she only has an entire lifetime of hugs and kisses to look forward to. I don't even want to begin to think about the quarrels. I am sure those will come seeing as they are two girls with different personalities, but we will leave that for the years to come. Currently I will facilitate the love giving.

In other news, I feel I must mention something about Tim graduating next week. Tim and I have been together for his ENTIRE college career, and I have literally seen him work his tail off to get where he is today. And although he works harder than anyone I know, he has always put his family first. Which means he has occasionally received a "C" because well, he decided to enjoy the birth of our children rather than writing a perfectly written paper or taking a walk with me to talk things through rather than studying for a test or run around the house with our crazy two year old rather than telling her to wait another minute or another hour. He has been incredible. I am so glad he had an amazing mentor early in his college career that taught him that there are more important things than books and tests. To Tim's credit, he is the smartest person I know. He doesn't really need to study that hard to excel. He just does. Professors have always respected him. Classmates have always admired him. And me, his wife, I have always adored. So congrats are almost done. I love you.


  1. Yay for Tim's graduation! Oh man that has got to be a good feeling! Maybe we'll be lucky enough to know that feeling some day...ha! And good plan for the V. I secretly scowl at people that call Kade, Kaden. It's not his name and never has been. I'll call you later this week.

  2. Those pics of V make me excited for a baby.

  3. Your girls are adorable! And this might sound weird but I like pictures of crying babies--they kind of melt your heart! Like the pic of V crying and Mya hugging her is priceless!!

    And I totally understand the name thing. It bugs the crap out of me when people me Launa even tho there's no "u" in my name and it's spelled just like banana...hence Lana Banana :)


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