Spring? Snow?

Two days ago we ate hamburgers on the lawn, rode bikes around on the patio and colored the sidewalk with chalk. The weather...70-74 degrees. It was pure bliss for the four of us since we have been stuck inside all winter. Vie even got to breathe a little bit of natural air. It's sad when your child is nearly 5 weeks old and really hasn't had the opportunity to be outside at all.

(Don't mind Mya's snot nose...and yes, she is trying to lick the snot off her face. Classy.)

Today, we were back inside cuddled under blankets. Mother nature dumped several inches of snow on our lawn, and our days eating on the lawn were abruptly ended. But we had fun inside watching conference and snuggling. Tim and Mya even snuck outside and built a snowman when we had a few extra minutes.

For those of you who do not know, we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our church holds two worldwide conferences in April and October of each year. The purpose of the conference: to teach the members basic and essential doctrine, uplift the downtrodden and help members recognize the change that should occur in their individual lives. I felt the theme of April conference was service. I feel a greater desire to help those around me. I feel one of the American virtues that is being lost on our generation is the willingness to help our neighbor. I don't know all the reasons why we don't help others. I assume part of the problem is that we are always connected to our iPods or cell phones and we don't take time to look up or look around us at the people who may need a smile or a simple hello. It is my personal goal for the month of April to turn off the music and cell phone ringer to concentrate on those around me.


  1. It was a great conference. That snow was crazy!

    Beautiful blog and family.

  2. That theme stuck out to me as well! I am definitely in on that goal to. Today I was even singing the song " Have I Done Any Good In The World Today! " Thank you for always posting such wonderful messages on your blog I sure love to read them! You are so wonderful dear Janine! Love you!


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