Four months

All my friends are good about posting their child's milestones, but I am not. I just don't think about writing it down. I should though. V is growing so fast. Although she didn't come out of my womb walking like Mya, she is an active child. She is beginning to do sit-ups just like her sister did at this age. She already stands on Tim's hand and has done so for quite some time. She tries to sit up but falls over. She rolls everywhere. I put her down today so I could get a few things done and when I came back to check on her, she had rolled quite a distance. She hated tummy time until last week. Now she will tolerate it for at least five minutes.

From pictures, I am sure you think she looks like Mya. She does some of Mya's faces, but I think you would find she is very different than Mya if you spent some time with her. Yes, her personality is very different, but her looks and her mannerisms are also very different. She is long when Mya was very short. V prefers two fingers in her mouth when Mya preferred the binkie. (V still takes the binkie when she needs to calm down.) She has a different hair pattern. It resembles middle age baldness. Mya proudly wore the fohawk down the center of her head. Mya has a tendency to be insane (with frequent tender moments) while V almost always radiates peace. I love her completely and without reservation which before I had her I didn't know was possible. I find it amazing how much the heart can expand and let other people in if you let it.

We started feeding her solids this week. She seemed to like them...well, she ate the whole bowl. So I think that's saying something. She still spits up all the time and destroys all my outfits before I get out the door. I am growing accustom to my gym clothes because I hate having spit up on my nicer clothes. I have no doubts that the reason moms gain weight is because they get used to wearing elastic waistbands. There is no accountability with a waistband. It expands with you. So I keep that in check by throwing on some jeans or shorts everyday for an hour or two. I just avoid V while wearing them.

She talks right after waking up. I think the half hour right after she wakes up is my favorite. She just smiles and coos and laughs. After a half hour, she needs more than me for entertainment. She is patient with Mya. Mya is so hard on her. It makes me cringe sometimes, but I have to let nature take its course. Mya loves V more than I thought she would, but sometimes that means V gets a little extra squeeze. I love watching the two of them together. I have been impressed with how much Mya has adjusted to having someone else living with us. It's like we have always been this way.


  1. She's already looking so different than last time I saw her :( I miss you guys SO much it hurts

  2. Zac spit up all the time too. After meals...between meals...didn't matter. He was really grumpy when he would spit up too. I would go through several burp clothes a day! Around 5 months I finally convinced the doctor that he really had a problem. He was put on an acid reflux medicine and it made a world of difference instantly. Something to think about if the spit up gets really bad.

  3. She is adorable! It looks like you and Tim are doing an amazing job with both your girls.I wish I could plan a trip to Illinois right now to come see you all, or fly you all out here to Maryland, but it will have to wait. I guess the next best thing is a phone call. I'll get right on that. :)


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