It's been awhile. I am not even going to apologize mostly because I haven't really been in the mood to blog. I have so many pictures to upload from this past weekend but have no desire to do that at the moment. I am only writing right now because both girls are still sleeping. I love peeking in on my sleeping children. There is something so sweet about the way they purse their lips or place their hands behind their head. I love finding Mya clonked out on the floor next to the door. I always wonder how long she had to lie there waiting for someone to get her before just falling back to sleep. Mya is adorable when she wakes up because her curly hair is plastered to her sweaty head. The curls are always tighter after a good nap. I love those days. When V takes a good, peaceful nap, she looks so serene. So angelic. We are still wrapping her tight for naptime/bedtime and seeing her snug in her cocoon just makes me smile.

Today has been a good day at home. I am finding that if I am patient with myself, most days are good. The days where I am impatient or moody seem to fail the moment I step out of bed. I guess, just like everything else in life, having a good day at home totally depends on my attitude.

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