What I should've said

I chickened out at Kristen's wedding and didn't offer a toast to the new bride and groom. I really wanted to say something, but family seemed to be the only people getting up so I stayed glued to my seat. This is what I wish I would've said to you Kris:

An unlikely friendship you and I. Randomly paired opposites in a tiny apartment just south of BYU. I am glad your roommate couldn't eat peanut butter and you had to come to my apartment to eat your coveted sandwiches, or we may never have become friends. Those afternoon chats laughing about work and school and family and London started one really intense friendship. You were the person in my life up until I got married. You pulled me up when I was down. You sat with me in the dark when we needed to escape the world. You even let me listen to Bjork even though you couldn't understand why I liked it. You fixed all my techy problems. You edited nearly every college paper. You listened to every story about another first kiss. You wrote me every week on my mission only missing one because of a Europe trip. You have never forgotten a birthday. You think of me when no one else does. We traveled the U.S. and Europe together. I don't know of a better traveling companion...minus the fact that we walk crooked. You have listened to me cry. I have listened to you. You give the best advice. You remind me to laugh at the small things. I still remember when you called me because someone was dancing in Macey's and you thought it was hilarious. You looked up things to do in Peoria because I told you I felt alone. Only you would do that.

Kris, I love you. You have been more than a friend to me. Seeing you marry Ryan was very special for me. I know you married the right person for you. He helps you feel just as beautiful as you really are. He is just as honest as you are. He gets you. And that is what was most important to me. I think there are only a select few people who really know you. Luckily, I am one of them. I hope I am always one of them. I love you. You mean the world to me. Thanks for everything and good luck on the crazy journey some call love.
The Bride

The ceremony

I happen to love the picture above because it shows Kristen's very happy face. 

A few random pics

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  1. that is really sweet. thanks for posting pictures, she looks gorgeous and happy!


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