I had no desire to upload these pictures tonight, but I did because I know there are certain people waiting to see the girls. I have been so exhausted lately. I have no energy to do anything let alone blog. Maybe it's the summer heat. Maybe it's the fact that our computer runs so slow that I don't even want to edit a single picture. We really need a new computer but can't even consider one until we pay off a few things. So I cringe every time I think about putting pictures on the blog. So I am sorry I haven't been as quick to post.

I also should write that I am going to pause on my writing project. I have two other projects that I have to finish before I start something new. I don't want to become known for starting projects but not finishing them. That really annoys me. So I currently need to finish two things: 1. my parents' bio and 2. my blog journal. And creating my blog journal is such a painful process that my eyes instantly roll back in my head when I think about doing it. But I am going to force myself to do it. My parents' bio was started in 2007 and here it is 2011 and I am just going to return to it. So I will pause on my current ambitions because other things just need to be completed first. Understand?

Life at our house has been pretty normal. I have been going absolutely crazy stuck inside my house because of the awful heat. This week has already been better so I am beginning to feel relief. Mya and I keep ourselves busy putting layers of makeup on and painting every animal we can think of. Mya loves to paint. I am actually beginning to like it myself even though I am a really terrible artist. V just entertains herself for the most part. She rolls all over the house. She tries to eat everything she sees. She is a monster. She can down two whole things of baby food in one sitting if I let her. I don't because it normally ends up on my shirt an hour later. I just took her to the doctor and she weighed 13.4 lbs and is just over 26 inches. She is a skinny string bean. I love both my girls.

V-she loves sweet potatoes

Mya loves putting on makeup

We went to the pool last week and had a blast.

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