she thought

She thought it was her birthday, and I wasn't about to tell her otherwise. She made me love my birthday more than I thought I could. We made homemade cupcakes and frosting in the morning. She gobbled one up before lunch. She blew out several candles and sang happy birthday to herself about 20 times. There wasn't anything better than her...well, the note from Tim was pretty good. He surprised me with flowers and a note that read, "In loving memory of your youth. May 28 bring more joy than 27 did...that might be hard to do. I love you so much." Pretty much sums up the reasons why I chose him. He made me laugh so hard with that card. I am still laughing. Happy 28th!


  1. hahaha...everything about this post made me laugh, and made me miss you guys even more

  2. what a good mom...i'm usually really selfish about my bdays. i'd prob tell her it was mine. i'm hoping that changes when i have children. happy 28th! i loved the card from your hubs too!


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