killing me

Mya is killing me with her latest sayings. I know she doesn't really understand what she is saying but rather repeating what she hears on movies or from kids in nursery, but her sayings can make me laugh or cry depending on the moment. Before I write them and where she learned them, don't judge her or me. She's not even three. And sometimes I can't help what I say. Oops.

"You're ruining my life." --Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.
"You're not my friend anymore." --Mike Wazowski
"I don't want to deal with this right now." --Mom
"Gen--e--vieve."--Mom (Mya says it with a very exaggerated voice when V cries)
"You're not making any sense." --Chloe, friend from church
"Go away." --Probably every movie she watches
"Shut out." --She doesn't quite get that it is "shut up" but I am pretty sure she learned this from some Disney movie. Disney is terrible.
"I want to be warm and cuddly and cozies."--I don't know where she learned this but she tells me this before every nap time.
"Mom, you are so beautiful and sparkly." She loves the word sparkly. She wants anything that is bedazzled. Watch out.

Oh how she kills me. Don't worry, we are trying to nip the mean comments in the bud. It is a slow process but I am slowly cutting out certain movies because I am angry with what they have taught her. She is a little sponge. So I am being much more careful about what I say around her.

P.S. I posted two other things because I have been such a slacker. Take a look...if you are still out there.

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  1. Bahaha...Avey is doing the same thing, unfortunately I'm having a hard time getting her off of Stomp the Yard, so at least once a day she starts stomping and yells "T-H-E-T-A WHAT?!" Oh dear...anyway, you look beautiful. Miss your face.


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