one fine day

Last Wednesday ended up being one fine day. Cathy drove down from Michigan to help me with the girls during the day and watch them for us at night. When I say she drove down, I should mention that it is a 4 1/2 hour drive each way. So it's not like she just drove down the street. As much as the girls needed to see her, I too needed to see her. I needed to be with family. I had had a rough few weeks and had felt isolated here in my house. It was a treat to have her. It's amazing what a little female conversation can do for a person. Especially me.

I had thought Tim was only going to be able to go to dinner because he had to be at other church responsibilities. However, he was going to surprise me when he got home with flowers and tell me that he had cancelled his previous plans, but he knew I was probably boiling knowing he was nearly an hour late from work so he caved and called me on his way home and explained that he had the whole night free. While the news was relieving, I seriously wanted to kill him. I had worked myself up so much thinking he was late and that we would only have less than an hour for dinner. And if you know me at all, you know I don't get over things easily. So when he told me the surprising news a few minutes before he arrived at home, I decided I had better get over it fast or the night was already over. Note to men, sometimes surprising women isn't the best idea. Or maybe, just surprise us earlier so we can have something to look forward to. We went to dinner and a movie and just spent some good quality alone time together.

In our four years of marriage, I still love holding Tim's hand. I still love when he kisses my cheek. I still love that he loves my smile lines. (That's what he calls them.) I still love our pillow talk. We have the best talks as we drift off to sleep. I still love that he makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in the world. I still love that he is the only person I want to hold me when I am mad or sad. I still love just about everything about him.


  1. I know I took it so it may sound ridiculous, but the photo took my breathe away when I scrolled down. We miss hanging out with you guys! I'm glad you had some help!

  2. When we got to this picture Avey got all excited and her eyes got all big and she said "Mom! Janine and Tim got MARRIED!!"


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