Family Pictures-September

These probably will not be the only pictures we take for the rest of the year, but they turned out okay considering the kids weren't really in the mood to see a camera and I forgot to bring makeup to Michigan.

Ummm...can I just mention how bad Mya is about taking pictures with V. She doesn't do anything I ask her to do. (Well, when does she anyway?) She squeezes too hard or forgets she is holding her and just drops her on the ground. V is not a big fan of pictures when Mya is around. Someday we will get a cute sibling shot.


  1. I actually think that the ones that you are getting with all of the personality coming from both girls are the ones that you will cherish in years to come anyways. I have to remind myself of that when I cant get the smiles that I want.

  2. Uh...I would pee my pants with giddy delight if I looked that good without makeup...


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