We had a great time in Detroit last weekend with Tim's uncle, aunt and grandma. The girls quickly adapted to being around family and loved having so much attention. We braved the heat and visited the Detroit Zoo. We saw a very large polar bear which resembled Mya's white bear. She loved it. We forgot to bring a hat for V so we just drenched her favorite blanket and placed it strategically on her head. Aside from the zoo, we had so much fun at Jerry and Cindi's house as we were able to swim in their pool, eat delicious bbq, watch football and talk with GiGi. Thanks for a great weekend. I am so glad you were willing to put up with these two crazy kids and their parents.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok the picture of V with the towel on her head is both hysterical and fantastically adorable...LOVE it.


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