her 1st party

Mya had her first friend birthday party this year. For weeks we asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and all she would say was "I want all my friends to come to my party." How could we not fulfill her one wish? We made it even better when we allowed her and all her little compadres to decorate a cupcake and blow out a candle. Mya was surprisingly polite during gift opening. She thanked every person and even gave several people hugs and kisses. We surprised her with a piñata. (Why adults don't have piñatas at every party they attend is beyond me. Couldn't we use a little stress reliever here and there?) The party was a success, and the birthday girl went to bed at 7pm because she was so exhausted.

The girl

The food
The guests
(Noah, Alexa, Collin, Crew, Izzy, Ben, Ezra and Chloe)

Decorating cupcakes 
(or eating frosting...whichever)
The gifts
The piñata

 The after-party 
(Didn't you know that I am a party all by myself? I am. I took the kids on so many wagon rides that my bare feet and my back are still angry with me.)


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