My sweet girl is three. She already attends preschool and will soon be a "sunbeam" at church in January. Sometimes I can't believe she is only three and other times I look at her and wonder if she isn't younger than the normal calendar would date her. She can act very grown up as she has a way of showing compassion and love that is beyond her years, and yet she can throw the biggest tantrums that make me think she is still a new toddler. Three--I think it is going to be a rough year. She has already begun to fight me with her independence. She whines constantly. She pouts all the time. And yet, I see growth in those bright, brown eyes.

Here are a few things I want to remember about who she is right now. Because who she is just makes me smile:
-She loves to say, "Do you like that idea mom? Is that a good idea? Do you want to wear a pretty princess dress like me does? Let me do it mom. Can I cuddle mom? Can I have mommy-mya time? I am going to miss him so much (referring to Tim at work). I love you this much (as she holds her arms out as wide as possible). Calm down Genevieve. It's gonna be okay. Mama, please don't freak out (looks like she knows me very well). Do you want to do that mom?"
-While she is friendly with other kids, she plays better alone. She will often be alone in a sea of people at the park or at playgroup. She is a lot like me in this aspect. I tend to shy away from too many people.
-She is very sensitive to how you approach things to her. She cries easily. She is not quick to laugh.
-She is a sponge and yet, she can be very spacey. She absorbs anything and everything you say, but pretends to not know anything when you ask her.
-She knows her alphabet and is learning the sounds to the letters.
-She is tracing letters much better than she was four weeks ago.
-I often catch her singing when she is by herself, but she stops singing when I catch her.
-She loves to cuddle with me before V wakes up. (And I love to cuddle with her too even though I am not a cuddler.)
-She loves to paint.
-She is still taking two hour naps.
-She does not like to be yelled at but loves to yell at you.
-She does not know how to ask polite questions but is great at giving commands.
-She is potty-trained for daytime and naptime but not bedtime.
-She must buckle herself in the carseat.
-She still adores her daddy.
-She is aware of who people are in our extended families even though we have never lived by family.
-I encourage her to be herself and she seems to respond to that. I have to give her time to do things because she does not like to be forced to do anything.
-She is a free spirit. She is always in her own world.
-She enjoys being with V but doesn't understand how strong she is so we are still working on how to act around her.
-She is a monkey. She can climb up poles and walls. She has amazing upper-body strength.
-She copies her mama. She loves doing what I am doing. We are great companions in the kitchen.
-She insists on wearing princess dresses. I often catch her in my high heels and church dresses because she thinks they make her look like a princess.
-She hits very hard. She makes me cry at least twice a week. But she always apologizes and hugs me later.
-She says hello to everyone and anyone on our walks. She will often tell me we have to stop and talk to them.

I love you sweet girl. You make me so proud with each passing day. I can't wait to love you forever.


  1. in some ways the threes are worse than twos. but preschool does help.

  2. She's so cute... when are we ever going to see you guys?


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