People are often surprised to learn Tim and I have been married for nearly five years and tow two crazy peanuts with us all the time. I always wonder why they can't believe we've been married that long or have two kids, but then sometimes I just sit and look at us, and it all becomes clear.

We are still very much in love. We affectionately touch each other all the time. We flirt. We playfully roll our eyes at one another a lot. We check each other out from across the room. We text little love notes a couple times a day. He still buys me flowers and chocolates. I still cuddle up to him even if I am covered in spit-up. He still makes me feel like the most important thing in his life. I remind him how much I need his handsome bummies around to keep me warm.

We are happily married. Do we have off-days? You betcha. I can be grumpy and irrational. He is almost always too logical for my taste. But we tell each other we need some time, and we honor that time. At the end of the day, we always try to remind the other person how romantic we are beneath the tractor grime, the crunchy spit-up and the semi-bad attitudes.

Today was not the perfect Valentine's day. I never had a chance to pick something up at the store for Tim so I quickly wrote him a love note on our bathroom mirror with Mya's bathtub crayons. It will probably be there for a month, or until I choose to clean it. Tim worked all day but left me a sweet little card in the mailbox (see above). His card reminded me of a song I once loved so much. We quickly ate BLTs before we had to babysit for some friends, and we ended our night with some p90x. Romantic? Not really.

But I just remembered we still have key lime pie cheesecake waiting for us in bed. So much for the workout we just did.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day whether you are married or single. I hope you reached out to someone who has shown you love recently. That's the whole reason this silly holiday remind us to love.

P.S. If you sent me an email with a piece of your love story and it hasn't been posted, don't worry...we still have all month. My plan was to post the stories throughout February in its entirety.


  1. You and your hubby's relationship sounds a lot like mine and my hubs! Gotta keep the playfulness and silliness going no matter how old!!! Happy v-day friend!!��

  2. I love 'normal' relationships like this. I hate celebrations where there are loads of pressure on them and couldn't stand the idea of eating out on Valentine's with a million other couples. Rx

  3. That is just the sweetest card ever! You're very lucky to have such a great relationship! :)

    xx Melina


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