In his eyes: Jamie B

I met Jamie my freshman year of college. I knew I loved her the moment I met her. She is honest, smart and funny. She always has a million projects going on at once. I admire her for all she does. Heaven knows...I can't do it. She is brilliant when it comes to technology, and yet she is even more genious when it comes to motherhood. She has been a shining star for me all these years, and I am so glad she participated in the project. She and Garth have a sweet love story. 

I just created a infographic of our love story.  It has most of the highlights from our dating  

I don't know if that counts as answering one of your questions? 
Just in case you want more, I answered another one for you.... 

Do you still have his first love note? What did it say?

Yes. I do still have the first love note (click the links to see it on my blog). 
He wrote it to me on February 28th, just three days after we started hanging out.
It said:

"Dear Jme,
Wouldn’t you know it – even though you reminded me how important my backpack would be to study – I decided to leave it at Garrit’s.
I got to my spanish class and found them all taking a test. Not fun. I hadn’t read the short story. Oh well I finished quick and it gave me a chance to come back for my backpack.  Things just work out good for me.

I hope you have a great day. I’m thinking of you. Call me -



Notice he signed it "Love, Garth".  He knew right away that I was the one for him.  It took me almost exactly a month to say it back. We were in Cedar City, Utah and we went to see "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days".  After the movie we stayed in the theater watching the credits (something we just always do) and I leaned over and whispered into his ear that "I think I am falling in love with you".  Then just two weeks later we started talking about marriage for the first time on my 20th birthday, April 12th. And then a few days before Garth's birthday we were married in the LDS Las Vegas Temple on 08.08.03.  We then moved into our first studio apartment and started our young married lives together.  The first love note of our newly married lives that I kept was a message Garth got at work.  I found it cleaning out his pockets to do laundry and was so happy to be called "wife" to such a sweet, wonderful, hardworking man!

It said:
August 18, 2003 12:05pm
Call your wife.
CANC menus - ASAP"
Something that I have always loved about Garth is when he looks at me while we are talking!  He truly gives me all of his attention, especially in his eyes!  He can and always has been able to stare into my soul.  After years of marriage and several long conversations I concluded, with his help, the real reason his eyes are so mesmerizing is he focuses on just one part of my face.  While I, on the other hand, look around at everything and my eyes bounce around like speedy darts.  Garth is very observant and still to this day can conclude from my eye movement if I am being honest, sincere, worried, playful, etc...  I love him with all my heart!  He is the perfect match for me!

Notice the next time you are having a conversation with your crush.  Does he/she look into your soul? or do their eyeballs bounce around?  What about your eyes?

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  1. what a gem! they seem like great people. it is fun to surround yourself with people that dare you to become better just by their simple influence. great post.


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