Engaged & Enraged--Our First Fight: Erin

If you haven't read Erin's blog, you should. She is delightfully humorous and extremely thoughtful with her words. She frequently writes about her faith, family and parenting skills, and I always learn a lot. She has the most beautiful children to boast about, and she does so very eloquently. I hope you will stop by her blog soon.

I remember our first fight like it was yesterday. Scott and I were meeting at the Tailor's for Scott's Tuxedo fitting. This was the first time that he had mentioned to me that he wanted to wear a white tux to our wedding.

"White?", I said. "Why would you want to wear white? It's so ugly."

I don't remember the exact words that we exchanged but I do remember that Scott was dead set on wearing all-white and I was dead set against it. We both steamed as we quietly tried to convert each other to our own personal taste. I thought that white was tacky and ridiculous, and Scott loved white and had always wanted to wear white. As we argued I noticed Scott starting to get really mad, and really distant. I started panicking and realized just how important this was to him. I was use to getting my way and I thought that I should get my way. But my heart softened as I realized I was driving him away.

As you can see from the photo, Scott wore white to our wedding. Looking at these photo's now I feel a fondness for his choice in wearing white.

On my drive to the wedding that day I recorded my personal prayer in my journal.

"Oh God, have mercy on me and remember my sins no more. May my spirit be reborn. May my heart be full of thankfulness to thee. May this marriage  today be endowed from on high with all the gifts of the spirit. May we hear words spoken to us by our Sealer that will swell our hearts and bless our lives forever. May we treasure thy sacred temple, may we feel thy presence, and may we have thy blessing."

Scott's choice in wearing white has become a symbol of our love and devotion to each other and to God. Keeping our covenants isn't always easy, but Scott has taught me purity, chastity, and righteous living. Together we work towards staying pure, clean and worthy of returning to live with God someday.

White ... is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black.... God paints in many colours; but He never paints so gorgeously as when He paints in white.  --Gilbert Keith Chesterton 


  1. Hey, thanks for letting me participate. It was super fun to reflect on what made us as a couple.

    Keep feeding those kids donuts. Too cute.

  2. What a lovely story :)


  3. these pictures of them in all white are so beautiful.


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