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My next lovely guest blogger, Taylor Morgan, is a talented wedding dress and fashion designer. She and her husband live in New York where Taylor works to dress women for the best day of their lives. I found Taylor through a friend and enjoy reading her posts because she has excellent tips on fashion and allows me to see New York through her eyes. I hope you'll check out her blog: Taylor Morgan Design.

Do you have a special pet name for your crush?

My husband and I have a pet name for each other that has taken on different versions of it's original self. It can be quite embarrassing if we call each other it in public (which does happen and people stare at us like what did they just say?) oh well who cares! The name is Mine. Sounds simple enough. I think I have to give credit to husband for starting this one. But I quickly latched onto it too and over time it has evolved into many different versions of itself. Such as Minesie, Mineserton, Mineserton Hartley, Mineser, and just the original Mine. Our Mine nickname has replaced all usage of any other name for each other.  We love it cause that's what we are for each other, Mine. It reminds us how proud we are to have each other to ourselves. I'm his and he's mine. Perfect name for each other. 
Do any of you have unique pet names like ours?!

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  1. hehe what a cute pet name :) Nope, we don't have a unique one, but we started using boo a lot lately. I love it!



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