monday morning chatter

[check out v's face of determination...she loved the banana pudding]

once upon a time...our papa bear came to peoria to visit his peanut and two grandpeanuts. we filled him with lots of love and calories. we drove off into the sunset in his light blue crown victoria rental...the only coach fitting for two tiny princess peanuts. we introduced him to fresh squeezed orange juice, the best banana pudding in the world, the famous parts of chicago, cold breezy winds and pork belly tostadas. it was the perfect fairytale weekend. we will miss him so much. until next time.

my monday morning chatter:
in the perfect words of my brother, "crack is whack. damn shame": Whitney Houston dies at 48
being an extrovert, i found this article on introverts fascinating: The Power of Introverts
a great article for moms: Don't Carpe Diem
i've been on the hunt for a new jacket...i think i found it: Ivy Patch Pocket Sweater Jacket
i wish i had a food dehydrator so i could make these tasty snacks: Fruit Rollups
if you are still in need of some last minute valentine's day cards: thumb print valentines
in honor of the fallen diva: I will always love you

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