the professor: Bridget Hunt

I love that my next guest blogger only gave you a short teaser of the love story she shares with her husband. Bridget and Steve have an incredible love story...I mean it could be the next blockbuster. You can and should read it here. One of the things I love about Bridget and her blog: tales of me and the husband, is the way she always makes me laugh when she talks about life and family. I can almost always relate to her stories even though we live miles apart, and I have half the kids she does.

how did you meet: (this one should be interesting).

well, my husband was once my professor.  and i met him and his studliness when i went to buy notes before my first class.  bam!  i didn't know it then, but he became mine a few years later


  1. that is the most amazing thing ever! i one had a crush on a TA, and i totally googleyed eyes'ed him! i hope you got an A! j/k. but really i hope you did :)

  2. Sounds like a good read! Heading over there right now xo

  3. Janine, thanks for stopping by my blog! I would love to send you a pizza if you send me a deep dish pizza from Illinois haha My husband lived in Chicago for a couple years and said there is a Cheesecake Factory at the bottom of the Hancock Building :) P.S. what a cute story in your blog post!

  4. I just finished reading this love story! Isn't there a movie like this...if not they should make one!! So cute!


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