you call him what?: Mr. Taylor and his Lady

I don't remember how I found my next guest blogger, but I'm glad I did. She is ridiculously witty and fun to read. I don't know if she has ever revealed her real name on her blog so I will just call her TJ. I hope you will take a minute to browse over some of her posts on Mr. Taylor and his Lady.

Do you have a special pet name for your crush?

Love this question, mainly because the answer is just ridiculous.
Mr. Taylor and I met our junior year of high school. You know, those times when everyone is super serious and genuine (not). I walked into class and one of the first seats I saw was next to him so I walked on over, plopped myself down and introduced myself. Of course Mr. Taylor's response was, "Yeah, I'm never going to remember your name." Nice!

A few days later, and getting chummy with everyone, all the guys I was sitting next to decided that my name was too hard to say quickly so they wanted to come up with something else. After a few seconds they choose the name Butters. Yes, the South Park character that always get picked on. And so it was. From then on out, pretty much everyone in school started calling me Butters, but I didn't really mind because it became this inside joke with me and all the guys, mainly Mr. Taylor.

The next year when the hubs and I became best friends I decided it was time he had a nickname too. I thought hard for a moment but nothing came to mind. I looked into his deep brown, luscious (too far?) eyes, and just blurted out, "Poopface!" Yep, there it was, Butters and Poopface. And so it has stuck for 7 + years. Best. Pet names. Ever!

i will be featuring different pieces of some of my favorite bloggers and readers' love stories throughout the month of February since it is the month of love and all. So don't be alarmed if you have lots of posts from me this month. Happy "love" making, and I mean that in the cleanest way.


  1. hee hee butters! and poopface! me and my husbs call each other tookie and tookie bear, mommy and daddy {we don't even have kids yet}, and of course babe- and we do this one in the annoying after everything we say way! "hey babe" "k bye babe" "babe, babe, babe come here." it works out nice!

  2. I prefer pet names like this, I'd rather shout 'poopface' down a supermarket aisle at hime than 'honey bunny', but that's just the type of girl I am. Rx

  3. just found your blog. so cute!! i love your little story behind your nickname peanut. it's adorable!


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