Currently there is no noise. No crying. No whining. No screaming. No laughing. No whispering. No washing machine rumbling. No vacuum roaring. No broom swishing. No dish water dripping. Nothing. It is silent--with the exception of the keyboard keys clattering with each stroke. It is a miracle. 

While I love listening to my girls, I live for silence. It is in these small moments of silence that I feel God's love. I feel it as I focus on my lungs breathing fresh air in and out. I feel it as I feel my shoulders relax and stretch from their normal stiff position. I feel it as I look outside and see faint sunlight shining through the sea of clouds. 

I know God loves me. 

He shows me in the tiniest of ways. This being one of them. He is so infinitely good to me even though I do not thank Him enough. I am grateful for everything he gives me, especially my family. 

Here they are as of late:

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