cruel joke

I must've crossed the wrong person in heaven because I am not blessed with good sleeping infants. Baby girl refuses to sleep. I've read the books and practiced the theories, and nothing is working. She is tired; I am tired. 

I try to maintain my sanity by putting her down and walking away after a half hour of screaming, but I feel the few threads of logic starting to unravel. Her crying woke Mya and V up from their afternoon naps so here we sit downstairs watching Looney Tunes (fitting, right?) and eating Halloween candy. I'm not worried about winning the mom-of-the-year award--I lost any nomination for that award long ago. 

I'd go outside except it is an exceptionally dismal day with rain and wind blowing every which way. I'd do an art project but neither girl has any interest in my ideas. So here we'll sit for a few minutes longer until I can come up with a new game plan. The original game plan of afternoon naps has now been scrapped.


  1. It will come! I remember thinking Norah was the WORST sleeper, but I really don't think they can pick up on sleep training or good sleep habits until like 3 months. Sorry your not sleeping.

  2. I feel the same way with my little girl. She wants to be held all night. So If I go and rock her she sleeps like and angel, she also sleeps really well if we put her in bed with us-her crying instantly stops...I keep hoping it will get better but I hope I'm not forming bad habits with her already...Good luck!

  3. Oh no! I rememer it well. Hoping that when new buba arrives he's a better sleeper than Ben who though 4-5 times a night for the first 18 months was reasonable! Luckily, he has been utterly fab ever since.Rx


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