monday morning chatter & a frank conversation with my child

a snipit from a conversation i had with mya the other night before bed: 
me: do you know that i love you?
mya: yes mommy...i know
me: how do you know?
mya: because you tell me so
me: just because i tell you? or anything else?
mya: and because you play with me
me: do you love me?
mya: yes mommy...i do
me: do you always love me?
mya: except when you scare me
me: when do i scare you?
mya: when you yell at me
me: what would you like me to do instead of yelling?
mya: take a deep breath
me: and after a deep breath...
mya: say you're sorry and hug me
me: okay, i'll try that
mya: good mommy. can we just rest now? no more talking.
me: sure. i love you. 
mya: i love you too.

sometimes her wisdom astounds me.

my monday morning chatter: 
because Thanksgiving is just around the corner: A serving of gratitude may save the day
my favorite beanie for elle: pom-pom beanie 
we made this last night and it will now be a permanent menu item...delish: firecracker chicken 
i love turkey crafts: Paper Bag Turkey 
i love this song: Awake my soul

and remember...go vote (just so this whole election thing will finally be over).

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