feeling christmas

i have a billion thoughts to jot down but i've been so busy with my girls and with company that i haven't had a ton of time to blog. until i can...i leave you with my favorite pictures of the weekend. i love the christmas season because no matter how grumpy or irritable i may be before thanksgiving, something inside changes the day after thanksgiving. i guess my body knows christmas is coming and it smiles.


  1. your brother looks so handsome in these photos, I bet it was a blast having him there, you guys get along so well. I had my brother here last week too, Uncles are just so great!

  2. So excited to put our tree up but it'll have to wait another couple of weeks other wise all the needles drop and poor Gizzy ends up with them in his paws.Rx


  3. I love (and I'm jealous) of how close you and your brother are. It makes me want to be best friends with him too....creepy? We miss your little family.


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