No more Black Friday

My days of Black Friday shopping are over. There is nothing I want or need that must be purchased at midnight (or earlier these days) on the day after Thanksgiving. My tired, worn-out self is perfectly fine paying a dollar or two more a week later.

Today, we opted to sleep in instead of stand in line at a store. It was the best decision I've made all week. We did head to Target around 10am in search of a tree skirt and were pleasantly surprised by the half-full parking lot, friendly people inside the store and the still-stocked shelves. I don't know what people really needed last night at midnight that they couldn't have found at 10am.

We spent the rest of the day picking out and decorating the perfect Christmas tree. My brother and I decorated the living room with all the Christmas trinkets I so missed last year in our silly Peoria house. I don't know what I'd do without Tim or my brother in life. They are the decorators because I just don't have that creative bone in my body. My front room now looks amazing because of my brother.

In lieu of this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday (one of my favorites), I have been so overwhelmingly humbled at all my blessings. I feel indebted to God for all the things He gives me, which I probably don't always deserve. I am grateful for my growing family. Tim and I never anticipated being where we are today but are so grateful that God has entrusted three spirited and wise souls to our care. We may not be perfect parents, but we are learning together and trying to do what's right for our girls. I am also grateful for my family. I talk to one of my parents and/or siblings at least once a day. They lead and guide me in nearly every aspect of my life. I am also thankful for my in-laws. I can't tell you how many times my mother-in-law will call just when I need her to.

In addition to my family, I am grateful for the following: my religion, my friends, the ability to be active, the colorful sunsets, delicious food, a comfortable bed, well-manicured lawns, the midwest, modern medicine, Oreo milkshakes, snail mail, blueberry muffins, the sound of rushing water, seasons, our rocking chair, stretchy jeans, Skype, warm down comforters, the blogging community, good books.

I am so blessed, and I know it.

***I received two mean comments on a recent post I wrote. To the author of those comments, I want you to know that the nature of your words hurt. I'm not really sure why you wrote such ugly things to me, but I hope I do not know you. I assume I don't because you obviously do not know me. If you did, you would know that this blog is my space to write all the things I learn and feel as I grow as a mother. I am doing the very best I can with my girls. I may make mistakes and I may look a little crazy as I make them but at the end of the day my girls know I love them and I know they love me. And that's what matters most to me. Please keep this in mind the next time you feel the need to fire harsh things in my direction.

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