monday evening chatter: oh monday

oh monday. it's the first night in months that the dishes will not be done before i go to bed. it's been that kind of day. in fact, it's that kind of day every monday (except i normally muster the energy to finish all my chores before the night is through...not tonight). last monday i packed my bundled kids in the car and headed to kohls in the rain. why kohls? because it was the closest place i could think of to let my peanuts run a little wild. and i knew i wouldn't spend any money because i can probably count on one hand the amount of things i've actually purchased at kohls. and let it be known that when i have a bad day, i just want to spend money....lots of money. money we don't really have for frivilous kohls' purchases.

oh monday. you are cursed. i've never liked you. i believe i've said it before but the only thing i appreciate about monday is that when the day is over it means we are that much closer to friday. to be clear: today was not a bad day. it was just a monday, which now looking back makes me dislike this day a little more than i did a few hours ago. my body...sluggish as it tried to let the weekend slip away. my mind...fragile due to the lack of sleep i received last night. and my peanuts...wild with energy they bottle up just for monday.

here's a list of a few things that made this monday a little less than awesome: 
-the not-so-approving looks i received from other preschool moms due to my unbuttoned cardigan (i had recently fed elle and forgotten to button up) as i carried a sleeping v in one arm and a much too heavy carseat in the other arm
-mya's half hour long tantrum before naptime because she didn't want to eat the chicken nuggets she begged me to make on our way home from preschool
-v head-butting my jawbone in such a way that sent my head spinning
-elle's crying fits (one of which is occuring as i speak)
-the half hot bratwurst i ate for dinner
-the rude cashier who would not address me or my screaming kids even though i tried to be as pleasant as humanly possible while ignoring the piercing cry of my babe

oh monday. will we ever be friends?

my monday evening chatter: 
finally a decent article on's worth reading i promise: The Mormonizing of America
i walked by these flats today and fell instantly in love. i am now saving my pennies: Valerie Bling
perhaps a perfect holiday dress: Animalia
i'm looking for a festive table decoration for thanksgiving since we're celebrating this weekend: Turkey Place Cards
because i love my husband, i am making him this pie for thanksgiving: Lemon-Raspberry Cream Pie
this song calms me: This side

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