oh tuesday

{not exactly like the hug she gave me today...but it made me equally as happy}

oh tuesday. have you ever heard anyone say he/she doesn't like tuesdays? i haven't. tuesday is a welcomed friend after most mondays. today has definitely redeemed yesterday. i had so many good moments today that made all the lame moments of yesterday fade from my memory.

today v hugged my neck so tight for at least four minutes after her nap. i thought about sneaking a picture of the moment since my girl is not the cuddly type but decided to revel in the moment instead. so glad i did. while she hugged me, i listened to her little heart beat in my ear and felt my insides melt knowing i am part of her and she of me.

today mya told me the most incredible made-up story she has ever created. it involved a witch, a princess, a grandma and a mama queen. the mama queen loved the princess and the grandma so much that she saved them from the ugly witch who apparently was trying to poison them with toothpaste. the mama queen grabbed the toothpaste from the witch while she was putting it in their ears. (where does she get this stuff?)

today i received my first of twelve instyle magazines. just the sight of the extra large magazine stuffed in my magazine made my insides jump a little. perhaps i might appropriately dress myself this holiday season.

today tim made me an omelet i had been secretly craving for weeks. i haven't been able to thank him properly yet, but i will. oh i will.

and today i reconnected with a dear friend. i hadn't spoke to him in months and just the sound of his voice reminded me how blessed i am to have him in my life. i really have incredible friends. 

oh tuesday. thank you for being so good to me. you even brought the warm 40 degree sun that was absent from yesterday. i can't wait until next tuesday.

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